Our Story

REDPill Nutrition got its start as the NutraPharmRx Project.

NutraPharmRx Meal Replacement Bars were developed by our founder, Etienne Taylor, a number of years ago, while running a nonprofit funded by, and co-located at the American Cancer Society corporate offices in Oakland, California, and were intended to help oncology patients better tolerate their treatment protocols, i.e. 'to ameliorate the use limiting side effects of certain pharmacological compounds'.

In 2018, our co-founder, Rob Zerban, a Culinary Institute of American graduate and entrepreneur, with start up and public policy experience, joined the team. NutraPharmRx Bars were reformulated to support lifestyle dietary goals such as body recomposition, weight loss, and managing blood sugar levels and given a new name:



Etienne Taylor

Founder | CEO | Chocolate BioHacker

Etienne Taylor is a long-time healthcare executive, Mr. Taylor is an information architect with a deep background in clinical trial informatics, food development strategies for disease management, and Internet platform architectures.


Robert Zerban

Co-Founder & President

Robert Zerban is a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America, he is an entrepreneur with a unique dedication to public health.


Christine Bertino

Chocolate Operations

Christine Bertino has worked in Retail Pharmacy as a Technician & Customer Service Professional for over 25 years.


John Weiss


John Weiss is a growth strategist with Lakeshore Ventures, LLC. He leverages deep healthcare sales, marketing, product development and operational expertise to drive growth, multimillion dollar revenue streams, and market positions across industries.


Natasha Mantle


Natasha Mantle has more than thirty years of varied technology experience. Prior to recruiting, she was an entrepreneur, co-founding a a digital media management company, Media Guaranty. She also led overall marketing efforts for several SIlicon Valley software companies, including Evoke Software (Informatica) and eMotion (MS Corbis).